Midwest Death Rattle – Food Chain

There’s no shortage of energy in the up front rock and roll of Milwaukee Wisconsin’s Midwest Death Rattle and Food Chain, from the band’s self-titled debut long-player (August, 2012). Many indie-rock bands latch onto a formula and then that’s it, no variance. But Midwest Death Rattle does a good job of mixing things up, making this debut a melting pot of sounds and styles. There’s still a decided edginess to these tracks which makes the sum total of the offerings sound cohesive as well as varied.

While this blog often focuses on alternative pop, folk or bluegrass, there’s always room for a good bit of rock and roll too. Rock and roll is great energy and Midwest Death Rattle fills the void.

Check out Midwest Death Rattle and see where your energy currents take you! You can find everything you need on the bands all-inclusive web site. The debut album is available at the price you name from