Wild Belle – Keep You

Haunting and odd, the reggae influenced pop trip of Keep You, from Chicago based brother/sister duo, Wild Belle, is at once captivating. The music will have your head bobbing and weaving, while the vocals induce an almost trance like quality. The subject matter of the video is a bit disquieting but the music is anything but.

There’s a lot going on in the music just beneath the surface. Aside from the obvious pop and reggae, there are elements of electronica and understated jazz. The focus, though, is rhythm and the ghost like vocals of Natalie and the sax wailing of brother Elliot. You’ll miss something the first time, so listen to this track a couple of times.

You can find information on Wild Belle by visiting their Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter feeds and web site. Check out Wild Belle! With luck, we will be hearing much more from them in future months. Watch for the duo’s debut album, Isles, due out in March 2013.

Update: When I wrote this in January, the web site was not working, but now seems to be functioning fine.