Mipso – Moonlight

Clear back in 2013, Vodka posted a single, Carolina Calling, from bluegrass-tinged folk-pop group Mipso. Since that time, Mipso has been busy, continuing to carefully craft folk-pop gems. Moonlight (seen/heard here) is from the band’s latest (April 2018) long-player, Edges Run, containing twelve thoughtful and fun tracks. 

At the time of the original review for Carolina Calling, the band had an earlier long-player, Long, Long Gone, which is apparently, um, long, long gone. No mention of that appears on their website. That said, there are two EP’s and another long-player, Coming Down The Mountain (April 2017) which are available for purchase. Problems associated with links on the band’s website back in 2013 have all been fixed, with proper links to all the social networks as well as a good bio. The band is currently touring the country in support of Edges Run, so check out the tour schedule and catch them live when they come to a town near you.

If you are in need of a folk-pop fix, you can’t do better than picking up some Mipso music now! Hit the band’s website and pick up Edges Run, along with Coming Down The Mountain, or you can pick up only the latter one, from the band’s old site.