Hafdis Huld – Take Me Dancing

Every once in a while, Vodka discovers an unlit corner of the music industry that has been out there for a while pounding out some great music. Enter the latest addition to found greatness, Iceland’s Hafdis Huld, who has been making great music as a solo artist since 2006-going even further back (1995) as a collaborating artist. Take Me Dancing (seen/heard here) is from Hafdis’ 2017 long-player, Dare To Dream Small, and continues a theme of sorts that has developed over the last few months for me highlighting music with a positive vibe and feeling. While Dare To Dream Small is from 2017, Hafdis Huld is set to release a new long-player in a month or so, Variations, which is a set of Hafdis’ favorite songs, redone in her acoustic bow; A cover set from an artist who has made plenty of her own music. 

You can find more information on Hafdis Huld by heading up to her nicely formatted website. Missing is a bio of any kind, so you might have to resort to the Wikipedia link for that. You can pick up most of her solo work from her site in both digital and physical forms, or from her website music link.

Check out another positive musician by picking up some Hafdis Huld music now!