Misterwives – Wrongside

We seem to be hitting the female vocalist pretty hard this month, but it’s just by chance. Enter the latest incredible voice, with the frontwoman of  Misterwives, Mandy Lee, and Wrongside (seen/heard here).  The song is all about breaking through negativity and the slog that this creates within minds, reinforcing the importance of being there for yourself. From the band’s promotional material Mandy describes where the song idea comes from:

“I have spent a lot of my time on the wrong side of my mind-the one full of fear, doubts, insecurities, shame,” confides Mandy. “I hope Wrongside feels like a friend to anyone who struggles being kind to their mind.” 

Musically everything works very well here. The melody is instantaneously in your head and you’ll be thinking about it/singing it long after it finishes playing.  This single is one of a handful that has followed the band’s 2020 epic-length LP, SUPERBLOOM (19 tracks), but this is the first track that Vodka has heard where the music levels are properly mixed. That LP had some great music, but everything was pushed too hard to the top. Wrongside backs off the levels a bit, and it frankly helps to sell the song’s intimacy. It’s the right thing to do musically too because it gives the listener the control to push volumes, bass, etc., where they want those levels to be. Whether this has anything to do with the band creating their own imprint label Resilient Little Records under Photo Finish / Virgin Music since the release of SUPERBLOOM, or just a happy accident, I don’t know. Time will tell. 

Joining Mandy Lee are bandmates Etienne Bowler (drums), William Hehir (bass), Marc Campbell (guitar), and Mike Murphy (saxophone), and on Wrongside at least, they are well tuned, well mixed, leaving Mandy Lee out front with the band adding texture, warmth, melody, and rhythm. They sound great!

Misterwives “Wrongside”

You can find more information on Misterwives by heading up to their nicely formatted website. Here the band gets a strong A- for their marketing effort! All of their social. streaming and purchase links are there, as well as tour information, music links, and videos. The only thing the band is missing here is a nice biography. 

Take a listen to Wrongside now, and then watch for the band’s music on their various streaming and purchase platforms and dig in! This is great indie pop!