Tina Ross – While I’m Here

For a while now, Vodka has been using video-only links, but sometimes the quality of the video or the quality of the sound is just not good enough. In addition, some musicians don’t release their music on video, and even if they do, it can be live performances that just don’t translate well when looking for high-quality audio. Enter my first use of embedding a player for an artist. While I’m Here (heard here) from folk artist Tina Ross represents the first single from the LP by the same name that was released on September 30, 2022. 

Tina Ross has a beautiful soprano voice that is well suited to these sorts of folk anthems.  She doesn’t force things, nor does she need to. You can hear the lyrics clearly over the music, which is also outstanding. The song reflects the need to revel in the beauty around us while sharing our mutual burdens together: 

“While I’m here
I will listen to the cackle of the geese as they land
While I’m here
I will notice the lightness of the dandelion in my hand
As I blow my wish to the wind.

While I’m here
I will welcome the sweat that comes with giving everything
While I’m here
I will search in earnest to help you grab that brass ring
When hair is in my eyes,
I’ll sweep it aside to see you clearly.”

Throughout the song, Tina states what we should take joy from while acknowledging the troubles we all share in the world.  Wonderful sentiments and they are sung so beautifully, it’s hard not to be swept away by the music alone.

Tina Ross
Tina Ross

Tina Ross is a singer-songwriter from New York, and you can find more information on her website. As websites go, it’s a bit clunky, but all of the information you need is there: social, streaming, purchase, biography, and tour/engagement details. By the time this review goes live, the link should have the full LP published. Head up there now and pick up a copy of While I’m Here. It’s available in both digital download and CD formats.

Check out an artist making up for lost time in her music creation, but doing so without sacrificing the quality of that music. Tina Ross would be a wonderful addition to any music collection!

Update: This post was originally written prior to the release date, and now that the remainder of the tracks have been added, the entire LP is well worth your purchase. Complete with thoughtful lyrics, wonderful melodies, and Tina’s pristine vocals, this is a GREAT collection!