Nat Vazer – Addicted To Misery

Nat Vazer’s breathy vocals add an element of authenticity to the lyrics here on the indie-folk-pop of Addicted to Misery (seen/heard here). Vazer describes the song as being “about feeling powerless to help the one you love and the sense of spiraling through that feeling.” Vazer tells the story in just over two and a half minutes, but there’s no mistaking the message: 

“Is this the road that you love?
Is this the place you were talking about
When I was half-asleep?
Drifting through the same old house
I don’t live here anymore
I just see it in my dreams
And you can’t save me ‘cause I’m addicted to misery”

Sometimes, no matter what we say we can’t reach a person who is spiraling out of control. All we can do is try. 

Musically, there is a wonderful melody here, with lightly strummed guitars (Nat Vazer, Andy Campbell), low-key drumming (Sean Newell), and Benjamin Joel (bass) carrying the low end. Vazer’s vocals are front and center, never overshadowed by the instruments. 

Nat Vazer
Nat Vazer

You can find some additional information by heading up to Nat Vazer’s nicely formatted website. I really love the simplicity of this site, with the main links across the top, and the social and streaming links down the side. On a mobile device, all the links are up and down. It is a very clean layout. Missing is a good biography on Vazer

Vazer has an LP from 2020, called Is This Offensive and Loud?, and has been creating music since 2018. All of her music appears to be available only via streaming.

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