Theresa Gorella – House Of Broken Mirrors

Tired of the formulaic pop music out there right now? Enter the lush, emotional vocals of Nashville singer, and songwriter, Theresa Gorella in House of Broken Mirrors (seen/heard here). The single is all about all of the times Theresa gave up on herself, gave in to bad choices, and turned her into a person she didn’t like. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. That is part of growing and maturing. If we stop making mistakes, we stop learning from them. House of Broken Mirrors is also about wanting to get back to that point where we feel good about ourselves again. In this lyric, Theresa echos the pain:

“I’m left hung on a word
and now my vision is blurred

In this house of broken mirrors
That I built with my two hands, I hardly
Recognize the face that’s staring back
I try to remember

I tied my pain to the bedpost but I never cut it clean
It’s getting hard to admit, but I feel like a fool”

Theresa Gorella
Theresa Gorella

Theresa attended Long Island University-Brooklyn and then headed to Nashville with the goal of pursuing country music. Instead, she ended up waiting tables at a club that featured some more diverse styles of music, which inspired her to form a rock/funk group called Poster Child with collaborator Andrew Royal. She made a name for herself with that band within the Nashville funk scene but always felt that pull to get back to her country roots. House of Broken Mirrors is the first single from that solo project. 

There is no one-stop shop for all things Theresa Gorella, unfortunately, (no website), but there are ways for you to find out more about her. You can head up to her Instagram page and Facebook page. For streaming, there is the Spotify link, and Apple Music link, but to be fair, the streaming links only have one single right now. There’s no definitive biography for Theresa on any of those information sites. House of Broken Mirrors is a beautiful, introspective, piece of music. Marketing yourself is an important aspect of getting your music heard, so Vodka is hopeful that these missing elements will be added in the near future. 

Check out this amazing artist now and watch for more from Theresa Gorella in the future!