Odd Owl – The Way Home

Odd Owl makes delightfully diverse pop gems that co-opt different styles from 80’s pop to today. It makes for an interesting blend. Take The Way Home which is a revamped version of the original song that appeared on the 2010 EP, Fly By Night, (and will re-appear in its current form on the band’s forthcoming EP, The Call, later this year) for instance. Fun jangely uke and keyboards blend with guitar and drums in a way that will have your body bobbing and weaving while you listen.

Songwriting team Carmen Caruso and Phil Jacobsen do wonders with a melody, creating catchy yet interesting (not the same old thing) hooks. Coming off a successful Kickstarter campaign, the band is preparing for the release of The Call and looking to the future.

I’ve got only a couple of gripes about the band’s bio page on their web site. New member Steve is not mentioned and it is difficult to determine who is at the instruments for The Way Home, other than Carmen at keyboards and drummer Adam Wadenius. You should always assume that we are new listeners just discovering your group, and give us more information than we need. Let’s be clear, though, these are minor complaints.

You can find more information on Odd Owl by heading over to their web site, which includes links to all of their social content. You can find all of the band’s singles and EP’s to date, plus a new single, New Americans, which should be released by the time you read this, on their site. Check out this fun pop group now.