Otis Heat – Brow

You may remember Portland, Oregon based Otis Heat from the video / review posted for Gold Mine around two years ago. Well, the second long-player, ING, from the group is finally out (by the time you read this, September 2014) and with it comes Brow (see this video), Gold Mine and twelve additional tracks. Since I’m writing this review prior to the release, it is going to have to exclude most of those tracks, as I have not heard them yet, but Otis Heat has the ability to rock out (Brow) or weave a beautiful melody (Circles) and then there is the not-so-tongue-in-cheek comedy about how success changes you and the people around you, Gold Mine

There is a host of information on Otis Heat, most available from their web site, complete with all of the social and purchase links that you require. You can also pick up the band’s earlier long-player, Yoon (July 2011) and the EP The Ugly (May 2012) as well as ING, from the group’s site

Check out this wonderfully diverse band now!