Pale Lights – Jean, Bring The Flowers

Pale Lights’ music is a bit of retro loveliness! Jean, Bring The Flowers is from the band’s very latest EP of the same name (November 2017) and also included on the band’s brand new long-player, The Stars Seem Brighter (December 2017) that is just full of more spot-on jangly goodness!  Musically, the band reminds me of The Bats, but only in the jangle-pop style. It was reminiscent enough, that I had to go listen to that Bats track again, just to be sure. This is feel-good pop music at its absolute best!

Pale Lights closest informational page is their Facebook page, which unfortunately doesn’t have an extensive biography anywhere. The band has been singing and playing together since 2011. You can head up there to follow what the band is doing, at any rate.

Finding physical copies of the band’s music is more difficult than it should be. You can purchase Vinyl of the new LP and digital download all from their site, where all of their music is available digitally. Take a listen to this great band and consider a purchase!