Paper Aeroplanes – Guessing Game

Dedicated readers of Vodka will remember Paper Aeroplanes Multiple Love, Little Letters and Red Rover. Paper Aeroplanes lead vocalist Sarah Howells is always pleasing, with soaring, plaintive vocals, that bring the band’s stories to life. Their sound is basically all-folk with a heavy dose of pop thrown in; a blend that leaves you wanting more. Enter Guessing Game, from the groups latest long player, Joy, which should be out by the time you read this (April 8). 

Paper Aeroplanes has been making great music since at least 2007, and they continue to improve and fine-tune their sound and their stories as they go. If you have not yet been introduced to Paper Aeroplanes, then it’s time to make that happen.  You can find more information on the band by visiting their web site. Purchases of most of Paper Aeroplanes’ music can be found on their site. Go, listen, buy!