Matt Creer – North Northwest

Matt Creer’s North Northwest is from his latest long-player, The Leeward Tide (March 2015). This is folk, pop, singer-songwriter music at its very best.  Matt has a pleasing voice for story telling, sometimes lightly harmonizing with himself when a guest vocalist isn’t on the track with him.  Classically trained at the Royal College of Music in London, you can hear plenty of classical influences throughout The Leeward Tide. Instruments range from the guitar to the harp with brass instruments thrown in for good measure.  It’s a beautiful set of music!

While this is Matt Creer’s first long-player of inspired folk-pop, he has played in many world renowned orchestras and ensembles leading up to this point.  This merging of musical styles has been done before, but this may be the most successful melding I’ve heard in a good long time-perhaps ever.

You can find more information on Matt Creer by visiting his web site, and you can pick up a copy of The Leeward Tide in either digital download or compact disc format from Matt’s site. Check out this marvelous collection of music now!