Parker Gispert – Golden Years

Parker Gispert, frontman for The Whigs, will be releasing his latest solo LP, on September 2nd. Golden Years (seen/heard here) is the title track for that new LP and it is full of jangly rock goodness, circa the 60s, 70s, and 90s, by way of present-day rock. It’s upbeat, fun, and actually pretty lyrically poignant. 

Golden Years (the single) is nothing like David Bowie’s song from 1975-except for the title and the fact that it is upbeat and contains a positive message. Gispert tells us that the times we are living in, right now, will be the golden years, that we need to stop and enjoy life and make the best of whatever our situation is. It’s a nod to our busy lives and the fact that we often fail to stop and enjoy.

“Looking back it seems so clear
All of the moments you hold dear
Are like shooting stars, they’re here and then they’re gone
Gone into your memories
Gone into subconscious seas
Reminding us to remember along the way

The golden years are here
We’re living them each day
These are the golden years”

It’s no accident that the material for the new LP was written at the height of the pandemic when there were no live performances. Gispert put together a collection of songs he would have liked to have heard performed. It was nostalgia for what couldn’t happen at the time. If the remaining 8 tracks on the LP are anything like Golden Years, then he should have a winning LP!

Musically, Golden Years is full of great strummed guitar, simple, yet compelling rhythms, and an excellent brief electric guitar solo at the end. It’s fun, toe-tapping, danceable music, with a message worthy of taking to heart. 

Parker Gispert Golden Years
Parker Gispert: Golden Years LP 9/02/22

You can find more information on Parker Gispert, by heading up to his website. Everything you need is there, including a nice biography, store link, and social and streaming links. You can find more information on The Whigs, by heading up to their website. Check out some great rock music from a singer, songwriter, and musician that knows what makes a great song, by reserving your copy of the Golden Years LP now!

Note: Just when things were returning to a semblance of normality, the COVID 19 virus is again heating up in many areas of the country. It’s so disheartening to know that we have the tools to make this a non-event, by simply getting vaccinated and fully boosted. The virus has the potential, again, to shut down performances for musical artists. For this reason, artists such as Parker Gispert could still use your purchases. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times.  Please, if you are physically able to do so, get vaccinated. — Vodka