Peridot – Tightrope

Remember the Hillary Reynolds Band (HRB)? Probably not. Vodka posted a video from them nearly four and a half years ago and then they kind of fell off of our radar. Well, they are still together and still making great music, but the name has changed. Peridot is the transformation of HRB. There is still a bit of folk in the flavoring of Peridot music, but the primary focus seems to be making great pop music. 

There’s not much explanation of why the band name has changed, but it seems by listening that this was done to focus on the band as a whole, rather than on Hillary, though she is still featured prominently. Peridot is a greenish gemstone, so a search for that will get you lots of hits…but not what you are looking for if you are searching for the band’s music. 

Tightrope (seen/heard here) is the lead-off track to the band’s July 2016 self-titled EP. There are nice two-part harmonies provided by Hillary and cello / acoustic guitarist Trevor Jarvis.  Add in guitar work by fellow bandmate Marton Bisits and you have the complete musical picture of Peridot. There’s a lot to like about this musical venture!

You can find more information on Peridot by visiting the band’s website, which includes store and social links. If you’d like to pick up HRB music, you can still purchase these from the old HRB store link. Get reacquainted with this wonderful band!