Stella Ruze – Bide The Time

Back in October of last year, the Philadelphia, PA folk-rock band, Stella Ruze, released their self-titled EP. It’s glorious! Bide The Time was the first single off of that EP and you can judge for yourself. Even though this was a self-titled EP, Stella Ruze actually released their first full-length recording in June 2016, So Here.

Stella Ruze is made up of bandleader Brendan Johnson (vocals, guitar, percussion), Katie Burke (vocals, mandolin, percussion), Mason Wallack (keyboards, vocals), Alex Styer (trumpet, percussion, vocals), Vince Gleason (saxophone), and Sean McIntyre (drums). It’s a band with great sound. In Bide The Time (seen /heard here) the song starts with simple quiet beginnings featuring Brendan’s slightly plaintive vocal lead off and builds into a full climax. It’s not a formula, but you will hear that technique used a few times while listening to the EP. 

You can find more information on Stella Ruze by visiting the band’s website, which has direct links to their site for music purchase. For now, it appears that digital is the only format you can pick up this music in. Check out this great folk-rock band now!