Pharis & Jason Romero – Long Gone Out West Blues

In the world of roots music, you must be excellent to stand out in a crowded field of talent. Enter Pharis and Jason Romero and the title track of their latest (February 2013) long-player, Long Gone Out West Blues. The two-part vocal harmonies here are excellent as is the guitar work. There’s a touch of country here, but mostly it’s a folk-roots focus and it does not commit the cardinal sin of country (for me)-it isn’t twangy. Sometimes you hear roots artists who sound like they are doing roots because they think it is cool; There’s no heart in it, no feeling, but that is certainly not the case with Pharis and Jason Romero.

You can find more information on this duo by visiting their very complete (check out the bio) web site. Jason has also been creating custom banjos for years and you can find out more info on those by visiting J. Romero Banjos. Check out this amazing folk-roots duo!