Piers Faccini – Could Have Been You

Piers Faccini has appeared a couple of times before on Vodka, but I’ve got to say this little mournful melody is one of my favorites. Taken from his new four-song EP (#4 in the Hear My Voice series) (November 2019), Could Have Been You (seen/heard here) takes a beautiful melody, with minor-key flourishes and major key resolves, and adds in a thoughtful lyric, tasteful orchestration, and the delightful baritone vocal of Piers. The Hear My Voice series was launched by Piers in 2018 with the goal of highlighting outstanding voices from around the world. To date, this series has produced three additional EP’s worth of music from three very different singer-songwriters, Claudio DomesticoTui Mamaki, and Roger Robinson. Now, Piers has added his own voice to the series with his typically beautiful creations.

You can find more information on Piers Faccini by heading up to his very complete website. You can pick up Hear My Voice #4 and nearly all of Piers music by heading up to the site. Want to find out more about the Hear My Voice series artists?  Check out Gnut (Claudio Domestico) on their Facebook page, you can find Tui Mamaki on her website, or find Horsedreamer (Roger Robinson) on their website.

Check out some wonderful and different music in the Hear My Voice series and pick up Piers Faccini music at your first opportunity. You won’t be sorry!