Dropkick – Feeling Never Goes Away

Dropkick is preparing to release a new long-player, The Scenic Route, (coming February 7, 2020) on the Bobo Integral label and Vodka was honored to be able to listen to pre-releases of all of the tracks from that long player. Feeling Never Goes Away (seen/heard here), is the opening track on that new long-player, and the first single. Lyrically, this is the most positive message of all the tracks contained on The Scenic Route, but that isn’t saying too much. What all of these tracks contain, is the pop-rock feel-good melodies that Dropkick is known for, but hidden beneath the surface, relationships are breaking up, communications are breaking down, and what is left is sadness and acceptance of the past along with hope for the future.

Does that sound a bit dark?  Well, it is to a degree. There is quite a bit of introspection here and more than a little reflection. Take Disappearing for instance and this little bit of lyric:

“Most things are slipping through my fingers
I know I really shouldn’t care
Move on, it’s quicker not to linger
I’ve found it’s better not to stare”

Life does move on and sometimes we take too long worrying over something that is, well, what it is. It’s not going to change. What about this point-blank statement about a relationship that no longer holds you captive on I’m Over You, Goodbye?

“Lessons like this don’t come round too often
Be thankful then that no one saw you cry
Once it’s done there’s no more bridges to be burned
Just as well you’re drifting out of sight”

No more bridges to be burned, because they’ve all been burned, there’s no going back.

And that’s the thing about The Scenic Route, really; There’s a fair amount of sadness and loss in the lyrics. The hope comes from how these lyrics are packaged, the wonderful and positive jangle-pop-rock that is Dropkick’s signature. It’s impossible not to listen to these 10 songs and not feel hopeful. There is a simple cohesiveness to the melodies that tie them together perfectly but enough variety to be listened to as a package and not get bored. Another positive?  Well, move your furniture to the edge of the room and get out there and dance. There are plenty of toe-tapping moments here that are perfect for the dance floor. 

Vodka has been a fan of Dropkick for a long time now. It was six years ago or more that we posted the title track to their 3-song EP at the time, Style. You can find all of Vodka’s previous comments and Dropkick posts by simply clicking on this link. You can find more information on the band by heading up to their very complete website

I can’t say enough good about The Scenic Route. It’s a total package from a band that has been writing and performing great music for nearly three decades. Dropkick as a band are comfortable in their skins. They know good song-craft and practice it effortlessly, or so it seems. As stated earlier, The Scenic Route will be available for purchase soon on the band’s site, so go get it! You know you want to!