Professor Elemental – All In Together

Welcome to the odd British flavored hip-hop from Professor Elemental and All In Together, the lead off track to his latest (June 2014) long-player, The Giddy Limit. Not only is this track fun, but it is a moral cheek poke at our differences and a call to embrace those differences. (“There’s no such thing as normal. Everyone is weird.”)

 The video, shot on location at Old West Con at Old Tucson Studios, Arizona, takes the flavor of Professor Elemental’s words and transforms them into an outlandish amalgam of misfit characters, all politely coexisting together in their environment. That’s the message: We are all different, we are all strange, everyone is weird, so get along, Damn you!

You can find more information on Professor Elemental by visiting his very nicely formatted web site. One complaint: the web site is not linked to his site and vise-verse. The Facebook site is linked nowhere on bandcamp or the web site, but does have a link back to the web site at least. Artists, remember the golden rule: Market yourself! The aforementioned, has a huge collection of Professor Elemental music, so slip there for a purchase or three.

Professor Elemental has a following, and deservedly so. Check out this great artist now!