RedFox – Stay

Indie-folk can sometimes be a yawner or it can be the edge of something masterful. Enter RedFox and Stay (seen/heard here) from the band’s latest EP, Recovery (May 2019), which fits squarely in the latter category.  

RedFox, a five-piece out of Montreal,  combines elements of rock, bluegrass, and folk, to formulate a sound that is truly unique and wonderful. Vocalist/violinist Daphnée Vandal, uses her instrument to add a leading texture to these four tracks, with the band adding great banjo (Tim Loten), guitar (Jono Townsend), bass (Sam Robinson), and drums (Samuel Neumann) to fill out what can be a wall of sound. 

With only one other EP to their credit so far, their self-titled EP from July 2018, the band has nowhere to go but up. You can find more information on RedFox by heading up to their website. You can pick up the band’s EP’s digitally on their site.

Check out indie-folk done well by picking up some RedFox music now!