Sandtimer – Dormant

There is something jarringly optimistic about the salvation in the message that Sandtimer’s Dormant (seen/heard here) brings to what seems at the onset as a very down take on personal depression. It’s a song about going through the motions, about not making waves and the feelings of loneliness that just existing can bring.  But it is hope, not depression, that wins in the end. This song, only three stanzas in length, is lightly layered in a manner that is hauntingly revelatory. The message is right there on top, but the very light mixing of background instrumentation and vocals adds emphasis to the lyric. Dormant is from the soon-to-be-released long-player (it will be released by the time you read this) Everything Is On Hold (August 2019). 

Sandtimer is a band based on the mixing of talents of the two original members, Robert Sword and Simon Thomas. They are now a full band, adding in the bass and vocals of Rachel Thomas, who contributed to several Sandtimer offerings, including their first EP, Different Seas (November 2015) and Alex Jackson on percussion. Since their inception, Sandtimer has made gradual inroads in the industry, but Everything Is On Hold seems poised to awaken anyone who has yet to be exposed to them. Let’s hope so!

While the whole of Everything Is On Hold has yet to be released (see above) what is there is chuck full of indie-folk goodness, often beautiful, always lyrically poignant. 

You can find more information on Sandtimer by heading up to their minimalist website, which has everything that you need except their link which includes purchase options of their music in both physical (CD) and digital download formats. 

Consider a purchase of some very fine indie-folk from Sandtimer now! They deserve to be on your playlist!