River Kittens – Trouble

The River Kittens are a little alt-folk-bluegrass threesome (plus Bass player Nate Gilberg not seen in this video) who, transplanted to St. Louis, MO through mutual personal circumstances and by good graces, found each other. The River Kittens have just released their self-titled debut EP (May 2016), on which the results are snarky in your face (Trouble [seen here], Dressing On The Side), more traditional (Mama, Blue), and religiously motivated (I’m On My Way, Praise Be). 

Always just a bit in your face, The River Kittens are a breath of fresh air from the imitate-the-last-big-thing-in-the-genre groups. Throughout the EP, the three-part harmonies of the girls are beautiful and balanced. 

You can find more information on The River Kittens from the band’s website, which contains a wealth of content on the band. Looking for the digital download or the EP physical CD? You can pick both of those up via their site.

Check out this fun, not quite traditional, bluegrass group today!