Dani Cichon – Letter in the Sea

While Vodka is always in search of the new and different, sometimes we come across something that is not really different but executed beautifully.  Such is the case with Dani Cichon, a singer-songwriter from Nashville, that writes friendly love songs.  Enter Letter In The Sea, from Dani’s 4-song EP, Fall Together (May 2016), which is just such a song. 

Dani’s voice flows easily between phrasings with a lovely little lilt. Each of the tracks on the EP falls into this not new, but well-executed, beautifully performed, mold.   Dani’s song collection is thin at the moment, with two singles Restless Love (January 2014) and Little Bit (July 2015), but quality is much better than quantity and everything here is just, well, good.

You can find more information on Dani Cichon by visiting her Facebook page or pick up her music at her site. You can also visit her Reverbnation page.

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