Russel Howard – Safe To Say

Update: The video for this track no longer exists. There is no suitable replacement. (a poor quality live version exists)

Safe To Say is from Russel Howard’s double EP City Heart +, which is six songs covered both in electric and acoustic settings and was released July 2013. Russel has a commanding high tenor vocal that projects the lyric with decisiveness, making sure your ears get every word and every nuance.

Even though iTunes has apparently not figured this out yet, Russel Howard the comedian and Russel Howard the musician are mutually exclusive. Which is why a browse to the i-tunes purchase link for City Heart + will include the comedy of the latter in the “view more by this artist” link. That is not to say that this is Russel Howard the musician’s first work. City Heart, the original six-song EP was released in February 2012, and there are several singles and EP’s dating back to 2006. 

Take a listen to Russel Howard and consider a purchase of City Heart + from his store link now! You can find more information on Russel Howard by visiting his website, which includes all social and purchase links.