Sara Niemietz – Monroe

Vodka readers may remember Sara Niemietz from our review of Taxi Outside from her wonderful EP Fountain and Vine about a year ago. Enter Sara’s first full-length LP, Travel Light (July 2017) which includes 10 pop, jazz, lounge tracks-polished musical gemstones really, featuring Sara’s powerful and beautiful vocals. 

There is so much to love about this music. Travel Light kicks off with what we would call a straight-up pop song, New Things. Don’t Walk Me Home follows up with a bluesy tune in the vein of Taxi Outside. Monroe is a lilting love song (seen/heard here). Those are just the first three tracks, and there are seven more gems-all polished to perfection-with varying degrees of pop-influenced jazz and lounge styles. 

You can find more information on Sara Niemietz on her website or pick up her CDs or digital tracks from her site. If you have yet to include Sara Niemietz’ music in your collection, NOW is the time. Pick up your copy of Travel Light today.