The Clear – America

The Clear make retro pop-flavored music that reminds you of the days when The Mama’s and The Papa’s were all the rage-that is to say that it does if you were alive then.  The collection of mostly previously released singles from this Sheffield, UK band, Patchwork (November 2016), includes America (seen/heard here) from back when the band was just recently formed in 2013. The video’s the band makes are largely formed from stock clips of 60′s videos, which is in keeping with the retro sound. America’s lyrical reminder of a desire to visit this side of the pond feels foreign in the USA’s current political climate, but no one can deny the beauty of this music.

You can find more information on The Clear by visiting the band’s website or pick up a copy of Patchwork on the band’s site

If you are in the mood for a time machine, musically, take a listen to The Clear, close your eyes, and let your mind take you back fifty years to simpler, if not better times.