Saskwatch – – Get Lonely

Some of the most interesting music in any genre seems to be coming out of Australia these days. An example of that would be Saskwatch and the heavily R&B influenced I Get Lonely from the bands April 2013 released 7" and digital two-song single. Saskwatch is not just any Soul/R&B band. Here, fronted by the powerful vocal of Nkechi Anele, the nine piece band is full of guitars, horns, drum and keyboard fills and the happy energy that all of that generates. I Get Lonely is a precursor to the bands forthcoming long-player due out in August.

I do get a bit frustrated by bands that leave a good bio off of their web page, and Saskwatch is no exception. There is so much to love here, why not let everyone know who you are and your history? Still, this is a small complaint. It’s hard to be grumpy when faced with such excellent music. Check out Saskwatch now! The web site does have all of the required social links available as well as a link back to purchase on their site. Get happy with some R&B goodness!