Zellack – Autumn In Analog

Zelliack (a.k.a. Elliot Coleman and Zack Ordway) channel r&b and soul vibes in the same way that Tears For Fears did at their best. These super high ultra-tenors scrape the sky with soaring vocals while the music slips between jazz, soul, r&b and pop. Here on this fan-made video (kudos to Jared Witbeck) for Autumn In Analog from the bands February 2012 EP, Noir Tone, you get a feel for them at their best. The EP has some uneven spots, largely in the mixing and particularly on Without A Doubt, but there are three top-notch tracks on the EP worth at least a couple of bucks of your hard-earned cash.

Zelliack is currently unsigned, could do with a good production engineer and has no web-site, but there are big-time hints of the talent that is here. You can find as much information as is available anywhere by visiting their Facebook page and you can (and should) pickup up Noir Tone from their site. Check these guys out and drop them a few bucks for this EP!