Scott Warren – Indivisible

Singer-songwriter-producer, Scott Warren has a new rock-flavored release, Good Love (February 2016).  This pop track, Divisible/Indivisible, is from the Dyed In The Wool long-player (August 2012). Mr. Warren has played a variety of styles of music from pop, to folk, to indie-rock and combines those styles with an eye toward the rockier numbers on Good Love.

Scott’s musical history on record goes back to his work with Signal Hill Transmission that included a couple of EP’s and LPs dating back as far as 2002.  He currently has three solo released long-players, Quick Fix Bandage (2009), Dyed In The Wool (2012), and Good Love. In addition, Scott’s music has provided soundtracks for TV shows and movies.

You can find more information on Scott Warren by visiting his website, which contains links to his site for purchases as well. Check out Scott’s music now!