Shakey Graves – Dearly Departed

A pretty darned funny video look at bad breakups, Dearly Departed (above), from Shakey Graves October 2014 long player, And The War Came, is also a stellar folk-rock number. If you count the 8-song EP Donor Blues from 2012 as a long-player instead of an EP, then And The War Came is really Shakey Graves’ junior effort.

And The War Came is one large part mid-tempo folk (Only Son, Hard Wired, Family and Genius, Big Time Nashville Star) with a touch of rock thrown in for good measure (Dearly Departed, Perfect Parts). My personal preference from Shakey Graves are these latter up-tempo numbers, as they seem to be more fluid than some of their slower songs. That said, the entire long-player is worth a purchase and listen.

You can find more information on Shakey Graves by visiting their web site, complete with a full contingent of purchase links. Check out Shakey Graves now!