T Sisters – Woo Woo

Folk music has never been as much fun as when it is written and performed by the T Sisters! Take a listen to Woo Woo here from the sister’s long-player, Kindred Lines (May 2014) and see if you don’t agree. 

Erika, Rachel, and Chloe Tietjen are the T Sisters, with musical roots that run deep in their family. Their mother was a dancer and their father a musician, so they have rhythm and music in their veins-and it shows! Their music is getting them some notice, too, with a performance in A Prairie Home Companion coming up (as of this writing) on January 10. 

You can find a wealth of information on the T Sisters at their very nicely formatted web site. It is here that you will find purchase links for their first self-released EP, Bring Us Back (2012) as well as the aforementioned Kindred Lines and the new EP of tracks that just would not fit on Kindred Lines, called Ready For Love (January 2015). You can also find digital releases of Kindred Lines and Ready For Love on their site. Check out these soon-to-be-famous folk sisters now!