SIJI – Lagos Lullabye

The rhythms and the melody will have you singing and dancing while listening to Lagos Lullabye from SIJI’s latest Sunchild EP (November 2014). SIJI uses his own flavor of R&B and soul to create wonderful music.  Beneath the friendly beats and melodies lies sadness and hope:

The twilight calls to prayer

On my soul so soothing 

Count me worthy, make me strong to last yet 

Another day in Lagos

Sings SIJI on the second verse of Lagos Lullabye

SIJI’s vocals are a clear and warm, high baritone that lend just the right timbre to these tracks. The styles range from afrobeat to typical R&B and soul. The instrumentation is full and equally wonderful, though I can find little to credit those instruments or the players. Past releases have included a multitude of instrumentalists. Whoever the instrumentalists are, they add just the right touches. This SIJI release is co-produced by the artist and Bill Lee, who has been instrumental in the production of several other SIJI works. 

You can find more information on SIJI by visiting his web site, which is really just a front end to all of his social and purchase links. Consider purchasing Sunchild or any of his other great EP’s or long-players from his link. Check out this amazing artist now!