Sinnober – Missouri

Once again, the outstanding duo Sinnober has released a new single, Missouri (seen/heard here). Vodka is thrilled! I love this duo! They have fabulous musical chops and I look forward to their next LP with enthusiasm, even if it may still be a ways off. I’m sorry if I’m getting too excited here. I realize I’ve had a post for all of their recent singles in the last few months. While diversity is the spice of life, music-wise, I can’t help but showcase Sinnober’s talent whenever I have the opportunity. Sue me!

This is the third single released in the last 5 months, which is a nice pace of music creation after a long dry spell. Missouri delves into parting from a lover temporarily. There is a longing here and the lyric states that clearly: 

“Missouri, I’m in misery
Since you left me at the station
I’ve been dizzy, almost giddy
From too much contemplation”

sings Sebastian Brice in the first verse. Essentially, the song tests that feeling of separation and everything that goes along with being away from the person you love. 

Where Sinnober really shines though, is in their gift for creating singable melodies, for delving into more complex song structures, and foremost, their ability to harmonize together with perfectly blended voices. If you need more proof, please check in with Vodka’s other Sinnober posts.

As always, you can find more information on Sinnober from their website, pick up their music digitally from their iTunes site, or pick up physical or digital copies of nearly all of their music from their site

Note: Covid 19 is still with us. The variants continue to make life as we knew it, completely different. The livelihoods of artists like Sinnober and many others are still threatened. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times. Please, if you are physically able to do so, get vaccinated! –Vodka