The Black Feathers – 3 Stars (and a country song)

The Black Feathers, made up of Ray Hughes and Sian Chandler, play a countrified folk, influenced by a number of other genres, including indie-rock, and this is by no means their first appearance on Vodka. In fact, I’ve been following the duo since nearly the beginning of their career together. So what is a video single from nearly 2 and a half years ago doing in the new posts you ask? Well, the answer is that The Black Feathers are currently crowdfunding their new LP, the second by their reconning, called Angel Dust & Cyanide, and they are financing the finishing touches by pre-selling the new LP along with a lot of other sweet gear. As with all crowdfunding projects, the release date is highly dependent on the success of the project.

On top of all of that, I missed 3 Stars (and a country song) (seen/heard here) when it first came out. That’s the downside of trying to stay on top of everything you do, sometimes you miss something. 3 Stars is an anthemic look at home, and what that is at particular times. It looks musically at life on the road and finding your home where you are. As with all Black Feathers tunes, the melody is full of hooks and the harmonies that Ray and Sian provide are spot-on. 

You can find more information on The Black Feathers by heading up to their website. Everything is there, including the social connections you’d expect, tour information, bio, and shop. You can also pick up some of their content in digital download format from their site. When I first bookmarked this for review, they were shy of their crowdfunding goal, but they have now passed it, which is great news! This means that Angel Dust & Cyanide will be coming your way. Consider getting in on the crowdfunding action anyway by doing some preordering now!

Note: Covid 19 is still with us. The variants continue to make life as we knew it, completely different. The livelihoods of artists like The Black Feathers and many others are still threatened. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times. Please, if you are physically able to do so, get vaccinated! –Vodka