Sinnober – Successful

Vodka announced the release of Projection (October 2018), the latest release from the great pop duo, Sinnober, back in August, with the first single from the new long-player, Angels Of Fire And Snow.  That long player should be out by the time you read this, which means you should immediately head up to Sinnober’s page and pick up a copy in your preferred medium. I’m perhaps even more excited by this long-player because of the diversity of the tunes that have been released thus far, which include this jazzy bit of 60′s styled loveliness, Successful,  and the front-and-center vocals of Natalie Brice.

Sinnober has been one of Vodka’s favorite duos (I have a few) since I discovered them a few years ago.  Supported by excellent songwriting and beautiful instrumentation, Projection is poised to be one of the best Sinnober releases to date. 

As always, there is more information on the duo from their website, which has all of the social links you are looking for and more. 

Vodka encourages you to pick up Projection, but don’t stop there!  Add in Little Wars (June 2016) and the duo’s 2015 debut while you are at it. You won’t be disappointed! These two make musical magic together!