The Black Feathers – The Ghosts Have Eaten Well |

The Black Feathers have graced the Vodka page several times before and is one of my favorite duos, though I have several.  Enter the latest offering (June 2018) from the EP of the same name, The Ghosts Have Eaten Well, and rejoice!  That’s right, it should be a celebration every time you see that this great couple has released more music as it is always top-notch. 

The fact of the matter is that The Black Feathers are getting noticed in a big way, making in-roads in Americana and Country charts as well as performing, it seems, everywhere these days. From their homeland in the UK to the shores of the US and everywhere between, they have made a beautiful mark on the music world.

You can find more information on The Black Feathers by heading up to their website or pick up most of their music (both physically and in digital download form) from their site. The Ghosts Have Eaten Well EP  though,  is not available on their site, but rather on Amazon, Google Play, or iTunes

If you are still in the dark on The Black Feathers, step into the light of some of the best folk-tinged Americana available anywhere and pick up some of their music now!