Sinnober – Who’s Gonna Write Our Song

Vodka has a few favorite artists that show up over and over again. One of those is the husband and wife team of Sinnober. Over the last year and change, they’ve been churning out a set of magical singles that I hope will culminate in a new LP at some point in the near future. The latest addition to this collection is Who’s Gonna Write Our Song (heard here). 

Using a lush piano introduction and adding other instruments to the background, Sinnober weaves a pop-jazz tune into a beautiful melody.  The refrain is so playful, with a dancing flute bit added to the fabric of the song. Melodically, this tune will be stuck in your head almost immediately. 

Like several of the most recent Sinnober tracks, the duo taps into the pandemic quarantine, but with a new angle. Sinnober is Natalie and Sebastian Brice and they have a young family.  As most of us did, during the height of the pandemic they were locked away with that young family. As Sebastian recently told me:

“The song is a commentary on the impact of the postpartum period on a relationship. It’s about the pressure and isolation of raising children in a nuclear family, as opposed to a village. This song was conceived during lockdown when all of the above was felt even more intensely by many families.”

My wife and I, who have a grown family, often wondered how difficult it would have been if we would have had to face the pandemic with young children locked away for months at a time. Sinnober didn’t have to imagine it-they lived it, and through this experience, some pretty marvelous creativity has come about. Keeping our relationships intact in situations like this can be a tough battle:

“Wakeful nights perpetual
The baby doesn’t settle
In our bed
Letters left unopened
Piles of dishes soaking
Books unread
Old lover fantasies
Ignite old injuries
I’m not that easily led
I can feel your distance
Baptized in your indifference
I bled

Who’s gonna write our song?
When there’s no tear-stained kisses in the rain”

There is some pain in the words, but it is all part of life. These lyrics paired with a beautiful melody and great production values, which are ever present on Sinnober tracks, make this experience more than worth the cost of admission.

Natalie and Sebastian Brice

You can find more information on Sinnober by heading up to their website. The website does not have a secure certificate, which is a general no-no these days, but it links to all of their available content such as social, purchase, and streaming links. To look back at Vodka’s Sinnober posts, use this link. Pick up the latest singles from the duo from their site, or choose your preferred purchase or streaming link from their website.

With each new track released since late 2021, Vodka has been holding out hope for a new LP. Sinnober writes beautiful, accessible, complex song structures, and weaves into this fabric the stories from their lives. It always feels personal, like you’ve been granted permission to see them differently. Pick up this single now! It’s amazing music from a duo that has been pumping out great music since 2015.