Klara Goliger – One Day

Klara Goliger from Gothenburg Sweden can be categorized as alt-pop, but be careful, because that generic categorization doesn’t do justice to the massive musical influences at work here. From jazz to classical, pop to Avant-guard, alternative to rock, and if there’s an in-between genre, it’s there as well. Enter One Day (heard here), a completely enthralling musical piece from Klara’s new LP, The Piano Chair (November 2022) – featuring nine wonderful tracks that can stand by themselves, or together. 

One Day’s beautiful jazzy piano plays well with Klara’s quirky vocal style. Compositionally, this song is astounding. The key changes with the music and the vocals are more than a little interesting. After hearing this track, you’ll marvel that the tune is stuck in your head, despite its melodic shifts. This isn’t music that is casually listened to. Much like the singing of Klara, you find yourself actively listening-at least Vodka did. It’s hard to sit back and relax when you are excited to hear what the next tune or note is going to sound like. That isn’t to say that One Day isn’t pleasant to listen to, it most certainly is!  In fact, the remaining eight tracks on The Piano Chair are equally listenable and just as compositionally complex. Each track remains not just pleasant, but compelling to listen to. Now hold on to your hat folks, because this is Klara Goliger’s debut LP. It’s hard to imagine a gifted artist coming up with this collection after 9 LPs, much less as a debut!

Klara Goliger
Klara Goliger

While there is no one-stop-shop for all things Klara Goliger (no website), you can find more information on the artist by visiting the following social and streaming resources:

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With the bandcamp link, you can pick up The Piano Chair, both digitally and in hard copy (CD) form.

Check out an artist that I hope you will be hearing a lot more from in the future! Pick up The Piano Chair today!