Smerins Anti-Social Club – The Alibi

Originally recorded and released as a single in 2009, Smerins Anti-Social Club has re-released The Alibi as part of their first full-length, Primordial Cordial (February 2013). Combining the 20’s and 30’s influenced jazz band, with this awesome vocal from Nuala Honan, the song recalls, even though it pre-dates, the sound of Caro Emerald

Make no mistake, however, Smerins Anti-Social Club is a band first and foremost. The guest vocals used throughout Primordial Cordial, add a smattering of texture and variety to an otherwise perfectly stellar performance by the band. Smerins uses a variety of styles throughout Primordial Cordial, a touch of reggae in Dr. Who, an orchestral flourish at the end of Schizo, an occasional electronic noodle here and there, a bit of hip-hop on Celebrate! and much more.  I can’t say enough good about this band, their wonderful sound and the incredibly varied styles all pinned together neatly with their overall jazz influence.

You can find more information on Smerins Anti-Social Club, including extensive social and purchase links, on the bands very complete web site. Check out this wonderful band now!