The Gone – Down Down Below

Update: The original video is gone. Vodka managed to find this audio-only version, so you can still take a listen:

Inspired by ’60s psychedelic and garage rock, The Gone show that being retro is not only cool but musically worth your time. Here on Down Down Below from the band’s February 2013 long-player, Real Gone, they show what they are made of. The lead-off track of the long-player, All My Dreams, is decidedly more upbeat and full of organ fills and the type of rhythms you would expect from a ’60s inspired rocker. This contrasts with Down Down Below, which is more mid-tempo and dabbles more within the psychedelic era. It just goes to show that just because you are playing a retro style, the music does not have to sound the same track to track.

There is not a lot of information on The Gone, but the music can be found on Bandcamp. Hop into the past a little with the updated 60’s styling of The Gone

Editor’s Note: …and The Gone are now gone, replaced with Marty and The Gone on their Bandcamp link. No video is available now for Down, Down Below.