Smooth Hound Smith – Stopgap Woman Blues

From time to time, Vodka likes to look back to artists that we have liked and check in on them. Well, Smooth Hound Smith still has the country rock, country blues thing going and is still phenomenal to listen to and watch. It’s amazing the sound that two people can put together. This track features Zack Smith’s gravelly blues-influenced vocals. Previous Smooth Hound Smith tracks posted on Vodka have mostly featured the wonderful “smooth” of Caitlin Doyle’s pipes. Smooth Hound Smith first entered Vodka’s radar over 4 years ago with California Sway and again a year ago with Sweet Tennessee Honey, the title track of the long-player (2016) from which Stopgap Woman Blues (seen/heard here) comes.

This duo never ceases to amaze. Great talent, big sound, small footprint, and wonderful music. You can find more information on Smooth Hound Smith by heading over to their website. You can still get the original self-titled long-player over on their site, but all new music will have to be purchased through the store link on their website or from iTunes

Check out blues-rock, with a touch of country and rockabilly thrown in for good measure with the exciting and fun music of Smooth Hound Smith!