Amy Jay – Only One

Amy Jay’s beautiful voice insinuates itself so well into the melody of this song, that this lyric video-in place of an actual video-is actually pretty welcome. It’s not like you can’t hear her words, on the contrary, she is very clear, but that you are lulled into the hypnotic beauty of the melody and vocal to the point of needing to re-listen multiple times to ‘get’ the lyric. 

Quite new to the music scene, Amy Jay has a way with melody and songwriting that will keep you mesmerized. Only One (seen/heard here) is from her debut EP, Supposed To Be (July 2016) which has just received new acoustic arrangements and been re-released (January 2018). 

You can find out more about Amy Jay by visiting her website and you can pick up both versions of Supposed To Be digitally from her site, along with a single from November 2016, In A Whisper.

Check out this up-and-coming artist now!