Some Velvet Morning – No Walls

It is a tough process to balance musically on a line between danceable pop and full-on rock and roll, but UK band Some Velvet Morning (SVM) does it perfectly here with No Walls, from the band’s latest 4-song EP, Musical Chairs (April 2016). SVM has been making pop music on the edge of rock since 2006. It is amazing that a three-piece band can sound so much larger than their numbers! On No Walls, the band’s nearly discoesque beats give way to driving rock during the refrain. 

SVM is made up of two brothers, Desmond (lead vocals and guitar) and Gavin Lambert (bass guitar and backing vocals), and Rob Flanagan (drums and backing vocals). They play with the ease of a band that has been together for 10 years. 

You can find more information on Some Velvet Morning by visiting their website, or stop in and pick up any of their singles and long-players from their site