The Collection – You Taste Like Wine

At Vodka, we are always delighted to come across a band that truly embodies our moniker. So it was with great jubilation that we stumbled across The Collection, a community of musicians and singers fronted by the high tenor vocals of founder and lead David Wimbish. In true alternative fashion, no musical instrument is rejected as witnessed here on Old Wineskins which includes trombone, sax, and clarinet in the mix along with all of the usual pop-rock components. Musical influences are also truly alternative, with the obvious pop and rock influences laced with folk and world infusions. 

For more information, head on up to the band’s website, which contains all of the band’s info, touring schedule, and social links.  Need a real Collection fix? Then march your fingers to their site and pick up the band’s long-player or any of their previous EP’s. Old Wineskins is from the forth-coming long-player due out this Fall so keep watching, there is more wonderfulness from The Collection on the way!