St. Paul And The Broken Bones – Call Me

Rhythm and blues, soul, and five Caucasian’s doesn’t seem to add up, but with St. Paul and The Broken Bones from Birmingham, Alabama, there’s no doubt that they have the chops to pull it off. Case in point is Call Me (video released July 2013). That soul growl is from singer, Paul Janeway with instruments picked up by Jesse Phillips, Andrew Lee, Allen Branstetter, Browan Lollar and Ben Griner. There’s not an untalented bone in any of their bodies. 

My only complaints with the band have nothing to do with the music, but rather my age-old complaint on band marketing. Their Facebook page lists the band’s web site as their site, but there is no reference from there to the Facebook site and neither references their Youtube videos at all. So just a note to the band, all sites need to lead back to everything you have. Make it easy for your fans to find everything you have to offer and all information available

Check out St. Paul And The Broken Bones now by picking up their four-song EP, Greetings From St. Paul And The Broken Bones (December 2012) available on the aforementioned Bandcamp link, and watch for more from Janeway and company as there appears to be much more in the works. Put your dancing shoes on and go listen to St. Paul And The Broken Bones now!