Starkeeper – Elle

Belgium pop music troupe, Starkeeper, show their imagination with Elle, released late in 2011 and the first song on the bands May 2013 EP, Find Desire. The music is beautiful, too, full of delicate instrumentation that uses rim-shots, cello, guitar and drums in a way that simply provides the framework for a great pop song. There is sadness here: “What’s it like when you’re grown, What’s it like when you’re gone, What’s it like when you’re going where you’ll never belong” sings Ivy Smits.

Starkeeper is one part Ivy Smits and one part Dieter Meeuwis who share singing and songwriting duties, assisted by Peter Van Dessel and Kelvin Smits. I’d tell you more, but this is where I get frustrated. The band has a web site, but it is simply a link to their social networking sites and a contact link. Everything I’ve pasted together here comes from checking each of their sites and trying to find some band bio information. Nope. There are just a few words here and there, and that makes it hard to grab facts and thoughts and throw them together in a cohesive (and accurate) review. What the band does well, is it links as much as possible from one site to the other, so that you can find all things Starkeeper-there just isn’t a great bio there.

Those are minor complaints, however, and the music speaks for itself as it often does. You can pick up Starkeeper’s excellent EP, Find Desire, from i-tunes. Check out Starkeeper now!