Diana May Clark & the Sunny Set – Sunny Daze

Australian singer/songwriter and multi-genre artist, Diana May Clark,  adds another style to her jazz, tango and Portuguese flavored Brazilian music-alternative pop.  No, I didn’t stutter, and because Diana has a tremendous musical repertoire of styles that she is already versed at, her alt-pop is absolutely influenced by them in a positive way. Here on Sunny Daze, from  the EP of the same name, (really a 2-song single with an alternate take of the title track, scheduled for release June 2013), you can hear all of those styles and influences. Sunny Daze (the EP) is the precursor to a longer offering coming in 2014.

You can find more info on Diana May Clark by visiting her web site, and check out both Sunny Daze and her earlier (August 2006) original jazz vocal EP, Breathe Into Time, plus much more of Diana May Clark’s music from her site.