Surprise Baby – Poison The Well

This audio-only version of Surprise Baby’s Poison The Well almost didn’t make it to Vodka after more than 30 seconds of the bass and beat only. Then the vocal kicked in and I was instantly in love with this song-including the bass and beat!  

Surprise Baby is the product of singer-songwriter and musician Sarsten Noice and producer Claire Morison, who describe their musical style as rock and roll cowboy meets indie pop. They refuse to be slapped neatly into any particular genre which is a formula that works well, at least on Poison The Well, the first single from their upcoming EP.

Poison The Well is about Noice’s personal experience. She was involved with someone who was in a relationship with someone else, and they were both part of a tight-knit group (“the well”). It’s about facing the morality of a personal decision and realizing that you can never truly be with the person you want to be with. Noice confronts these issues here through abstract concepts that drive home the point:

“If I had never said goodnight,
if I had been older when this had started”

It’s all about what could have been.

Musically, the track builds from the original bass and beat, adding instruments that contribute texturally to the intensity of the song. Never is the lyric obliterated by the production. It’s all about crafting the perfect sound to go with the song. If the remaining tracks on the upcoming EP have the care and attention to detail of Poison The Well, then it should be a huge success!

Sarsten Noice of Surprise Baby
Sarsten Noice of Surprise Baby

There is no website for all things Surprise Baby. Your best bet for additional information is their Facebook and Instagram sites.

Check out Surprise Baby now! Stream Poison The Well now and watch for the rest of the EP to surface sometime soon!