Suzy Blue – Fell From A Wall

A few weeks ago, BalconyTV started following me on Vodka and I returned the favor. There are a lot of bands that see the BalconyTV treatment that are very deserving, including Susy Blue. This video just happens to be a BalconyTV video, which has been in my drafts folder for nearly 10 weeks waiting for an opportunity to edit and get it posted. No time like the present! 


There’s something very quirky and compelling about the falsetto soprano of Susy Blue. Every song has its very own appeal, with gypsy flavor (Murder Bolero), children’s nursery rhyme feel (Wish In My Dish) or darkly lyrical mid-temp (Fell From A Wall), and that is just the first three tracks on Susy’s latest long player, Nobody’s Somebody (June 2014). 

I love Susy Blue, but I’ve got to say that some of the tracks on the new long-player suffer from the “loudness war” scenario.  Some of the instruments, particularly the heavier bass instruments, are over mixed. It is not apparent on every track but it is annoying when it does appear, because Susy’s voice should be the primary thing that is heard in these tunes.  Instruments should add dimension and texture, not be heard above the fray. For instance, I rarely like a live performance over a studio one, but the BalconyTV version of Fell From A Wall is actually better, because of the mix, than studio version. That said, I have no problem forking over some cash to get these songs in digital format. 

Take a listen to Susy Blue’s, Nobody’s Somebody on her link and then go grab some great music on her link.